1. What services do you provide?

Allgoodthings currently offer 3 main services:
(1) Rental event & tableware items
(2) Table styling service
(3) Full-package table set-up service

* Please contact us directly to check on the availability of our rental and set-up services.

2. Our rental process

Step 1: Make an inquiry
Provide us with your items and product list, the quantity, the intended rental date, as well as any other requirements (if you need our consultation).

Step 2: Get quote
You will consult with Allgoodthings staff and receive a specific quotation for any product you need. Once you finalize your item list, we will send back another quotation, including the detailed order information along with rental terms and conditions.

Step 3: Make payment
You need to pay the whole order, along with a deposit fee (equivalent to 100% of the total order value), no later than 03 days prior to your expected delivery date.

Step 4: Deliver/ Pick up
We will prepare and schedule shipping for your order right after receiving your full payment. The average shipping time is 3-5 days. If you are in HCMC, you can opt for in-store pickup (available 01 day prior to the rental date).

Step 5: Return
After using (and cleaning – if needed), you have to return all your rental item(s) to Allgoodthings’s warehouse- no later than one day after the rental date; and to make sure the order is carefully packaged.

Step 6: Get back your deposit
Once you return your order, we will have our products fully checked, and notify you if there is any loss or breakage. The deposit will then be refunded to you within 05 working days.

3. Do I have to leave a deposit?

Yes. For all orders at Allgoodthings, a 100% deposit of the total order value is required. Once you have returned your order, and we have had our products fully checked in terms of quantity and condition, the deposit will be refunded to you within 05 working days.

4. How soon should I contact and place my order?

Until an order is finalized with a deposit, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular item. Due to the high demand and fluctuating inventory, we recommend placing an order at least 14 days prior to your expected receiving date.

5. What if items accidentally break or get lost while in my possession?

In cases of breakage or loss, we charge the customer the retail selling price (stated in the “Rental Damage Charges” that was attached to the finalized quotation). This charge will be announced and directly deducted from the initial deposit.

6. Do you rent outside of Ho Chi Minh City?

Definitely yes! We can accommodate deliveries and set-up service all over Vietnam.

7. What is your refund policy?

The refund you receive will depend on the time you notify us of your cancellation, compared to the planned delivery date:

07+ days in advance = full rent and deposit refund.
From 04 to 06 days in advance = full rent + 50% deposit refund.
03 days in advance = full rent + 0% deposit refund.
Within 3 days in advance = no rent and deposit refundS